What we do


Our Areas of Focus

Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and Counselling plays a key role in the development of the youth. This is the area where the youth is guided about the decisions they make. At Hope for Social and Development Programmes, we organize guidance and counselling programs that enables the youth to make informed decision. We build confidentiality between the youth and us. We believe guidance and counselling helps young people plan their lives for sustainable development.


Hope for Social and Development Programmes believes that everyone has the right to education, formal or non-formal. Education plays a vital role in community development and sustainability. We ensure our programs are educationally focused both in delivery and in content. We educate the youth on teenage pregnancies and addictions by organizing seminars. We aim at minimizing the high rate of teenage pregnancy and addictions in our community to achieve an improved quality life for the youth.


Empowering the youth to become entrepreneurial individuals is a key focus in our area of work. Hope for Social and Development Programmes, believe entrepreneurship goes beyond learning about the elements in starting up a business.

Youth Empowerment

At Hope for Social and Development Programmes, we bring young people together through networking to discover their talents while we encourage them to work towards their potentials and use their energies productively. We believe that, young people are empowered when they acknowledge that they have or can create a better life for themselves and make informed decisions. When the youth is empowered and motivated, they work harder to achieve their goals and dreams.

Support for widows and the elderly

Hope for Social and Development Programmes, non-governmental organization provides assistance or help to elderly persons in the areas where they can no longer take care of themselves because of old age or sicknesses. This is our passion, to see the elderly people in our communities are well taken care of.